(c)luna winter_pedra2012
The performance stromboli_terra di dio is a kind of self-test which plays with a system of temporary inconsistencies. It is an interweaving of timelines and a headlong dive into existing worlds in order to dissolve them through interplays and invoke a new creation. As “Pool-based”, they are determinations and it is through artifice that their liberation is embodied.

Digital media enables uninterrupted self-projection. The projections achieve a dissolution of the subject which merges a conglomerate of family fragments to deconstruct themselves. The artist employs the requisite subject-groups and transfers them into a performative framework. In doing this, a particular focus is set on the determining personality structures and emergent psychological patterns. Through this intended intervention, she is attempting to reconstruct temporal but intrinsic manifestations. She documents the instability of actual, bound existence and tries to cross temporal and spatial hierarchies and write personal histories through new media. It is a field test which tries to detach moments from their claim to singularity and arrange them anew as a “world-creator” – a demiurge – and transform the past and deconstruct simultaneous to the reconstruction.

ingrid_luna_stromboli is videoart born of the “abstract performance” stromboli_terra di dio. It is based on performances which are anchored in confrontations of the individual “life-worlds” of two family members. Supported by the projection, the temporal destruction and new constellation is achieved as described above. Ritual based actions are alienated and arranged in free contexts. Another dimension manifests itself in the form of historical documentation here in a form reminiscent of the movie by Roberto Rossellini. Ingrid_luna_stromboli uses the movie as staffage and crosses it with the performative development to defamiliarize the pre-existing dissolution from another time through projection and completion of Time Etched Transformation Art (TETA).

Dear grandson,
when you get up in the morning
first plump your
bed and shake out the pillow!
Second, in the bathroom turn
your pajamas inside out
and hang up the towel. If you can,
You`ll get a wife.
Many Thanks, your grandma.

Cäcilie Winter 1990

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